Epic Power Converters s.l.

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Epic Power Converters s.l. produces energy recovery systems and intelligent power supplies for drives and lifts.

CANopen Products

  • P2S - plug to single phase - An intelligent power supplies for lifts. System that mitigates peak power consumption to 500W, enables the elevator for long-term operation after blackout, reuses braking energy and, adding optional solar panels transforms the elevator to a ZERO NET ENERGY one.
  • e3 - epic evacuation equipment - High-performance backup power supply for mains failure. Energizes the elevator for a large number of trips and extended time enabling complete building evacuation.


Epic Power Converters s.l.
Epic Power Converters s.l.
Epic Power Converters s.l.
Calle F Oeste. Grupo Gregorio Quejido. Nave 93 Polígono Industrial Malpica
50016 Zaragoza
phone: +34 976 249 580