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Intec GmbH
Intec GmbH

The INTEC GmbH in Gerichshain near Leipzig concerns itself with the development, production as well as the selling of lift controllers and associated components.
The employees of INTEC GmbH have experiences of many years in the lift controller business and development. Highlight of the product range is the lift controller MLC-4000, a modular controller, which works with the CAN bus for serial data communication. By its modularity this lift controller is ideal for both cost sensitive and also for "high end" lifts and can be used for roped lift as well as for hydraulic lifts.
Today the lift controller is used in Germany, Russia, Holland and China and is adapted to the country-specific standards. The documentation is present completely in german, english and russian language.
The products of the INTEC GmbH are constantly improved and adapted to the new demands of markets and standards. So we also work on the implementation of the CANOpen - based lift profile, which makes it possible to simple integrate components of other manufacturers.

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Intec GmbH
Angerstraße 3
04827 Gerichshain
Phone: +49 34292 862-31