Meeting CANopen Special Interest Group Lift 2012-09

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On September 26 2012, one day after the fifth PlugFest, the Special Interest Group Lift met in Nuremberg.


At the outset a procedure for documentation was discussed. The english Wiki was determined to be the central place for the description of new functions, until these are taken over into the specifications. The ELFIN GmbH assumes the role of translating articles into the German Wiki.

Extension of the standard

To unify the procedure for the firmware update for all devices, it was concluded that the bootloader application node should be transferred into the specification.

Proposals of the SCHAEFER GmbH and the Böhnke & Partner GmbH on the RFID-Reader-function were discussed. This function should be described in the Wiki. Subsequently, the participants talked about a process for an emergency stop with the drive unit, as a preparation for future safety-applications and the extension of the load measurement unit with the functions slack rope and rope difference. A function for the 'Very simple floor indicator' was thematized. It has already been published in the Wiki, but should be transferred into the specifications.

The Böhnke & Partner GmbH will also make a suggestion regarding the transfer of the [[virtual console|virtual console's] graphic display into the Wiki. A 'UART-CAN-Protocol’ for the transmission of CAN-messages in ASCII format has been suggested.


A discussion ensued about the advantages and disadvantages of filing CANopen-Lift as an ISO standard.


A review of the Marketing Group Lift meeting of September 12 occurred as well. Current and planned marketing measures were pointed out and the decision was made to upgrade the energy management function of the demonstrator.

CANopen Lift Plugfest

During the review of the PlugFest of the previous day it was noticed that special tests at the future PlugFests and the establishment of checklists as a prerequisite for an automated testing system were wished for. The next meeting is going to take place in July 2013 in Nuremberg.