Meeting of the Marketing Group Lift 2012-03

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The CANopen Marketing Group Lift met on March the 6th 2012 at the Heilbronn University.

After the voting for the substitute chairman of the Marketing Group Lift the main points of the meeting were the handling of the CANopen Lift Demonstrator and we discussed the events to show it. Another point was the discussion of an online demonstration of CANopen components on a website. ELFIN will check the technical solution and Masora would provide the location for the devices.

Then we discussed the update of the new CAN Newsletter. The participants were kindly asked to send technical articles to the CiA for the mentioned Newsletter.

The next meeting of the MG Lift is planned for September 2012 in Cologne. The Agenda includes: activities in 2013 and preparation of Interlift 2013.

You can find further information about the activities of the CANopen-Lift at MG Lift.