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The Weber Lifttechnik GmbH have commited to themselfs to the modern technology of transport "lift". In the year 2001 founded by experianced staff members from the trade of lift controllers, our enterprise has grown up to an efficiant supplier and partner of cooperation to the lift industry within shortest time. We develop, plan, and deliver lift controllers for each field of use.

Team spirit, thinking in quality and be near by the market are the basic principals of our companie's philosopy. With the know-how and the commitment of our engineers, technicians and qualified workers we secure for us a fix place within the world of lifttechnique.

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Weber Lifttechnik GmbH
Weber Lifttechnik GmbH
Weber Lifttechnik GmbH
Fallersleber Straße 12 · Halle 10
38154 Königslutter
Phone: +49 5353 9172-0
Fax: +49 5353 9172-22