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THOR NX-T is a lift controller developed by SafeLine and Thor Engineering GmbH.

Developed for the modern European lift market, THOR NX-T is equipped with all the features lift technicians might need from a lift controller – giving users macro control of their lift system and preparing it for the years to come.

Using a touch-based graphical interface, THOR is very intuitive even for the inexperienced technician, displaying all nodes and CANopen bus messages in a clear readable text form. Edit inputs and outputs with just a few swipes and get the job done quicker. Having a very technically advanced and at the same time a very simple to use lift controller, means several unique benefits. It does not only mean a more cost-effective and time-saving system, but it also means a safer choice for lift passengers & owners, having a system more easily understood and maintained by technicians.

As a lift controller developed for CANopen-Lift, you can be sure to really have an independent system, giving you more freedom to work with exactly the components you prefer, and not being confined to only components from a specific manufacturer.

Read more about the THOR controller on SafeLine's website


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– 3.2” or an 5” intuitive LCD touch display

– Easily keep check of active components

– Easy-to-orientate graphical interface

– 256 MB RAM and 256 MB Flash on board

– 2 CAN-bus interfaces

– Built for CANopen-Lift

– Optional extras – tailor NX-T's hardware to your specific needs


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