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ELFIN Technology GmbH

ELFIN Technology GmbH




  • transceiver ISO 11898 conform (bus proof voltage +/- 30 V)
  • bitrate and -timing CiA-301 conform
  • galvanic insulated
  • connector: open style with 3 contacts
  • software update via Internet
  • termination with a resistor via internal DIL switch

Power Saving Mode

CANopen-Lift Power Saving Mode 1000px.png

'CANopen-Lift Power Saving Modes' are supported by this device.


flexyPage is an innovative display system for lifts. With its direct connection to the field bus of the lift via the open protocol CANopen-Lift all information available on the system can be displayed on the TFT LCD screen. Being connected with the Internet supports advanced possibilities of display visualization besides controlling the lift. With its additionally touch sensor, calling a lift was never more appealing.

All flexyPage displays support the open standard CANopen-Lift. The display technology includes a direct CAN bus connection. All system information of the lift are easily accessible in real time through it.

The flexyPage Boxed version provides the flexyPage functionality for external monitors, connected via DVI- or HDMI interface. So industrial monitors or standard TVs can be used with or without touch sensors. In 2019 it was replaced by flexyPage Boxed V4.


replaced by flexyPage Boxed V4


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The functionality of the module was successfully tested at the following PlugFests:


flexyPage Display Controller Boxed


Detailed product information you can find at the following product homepages: